About HIP

When a group of our Founders started then a small construction company in 1982 they established three guiding principles that became the foundation of everything they did.

As the organization has grow to over 160 people, these founding beliefs remain at the core of everything we do. So when we embarked on establishing a premiere real estate development company it was fitting to name it HIP to cement these principles in every project and partnership we undertake.

These values have value.

In 2010 when we founded HIP Developments, we started to talk about what it would take to be a leading residential developer. Initially we looked at what other experienced developers were doing. What we found was that they valued what worked for them in the past, building the same type of production style housing as they always had.

This beaten path to success had been walked many times but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to follow the herd.

Times are changing, vibrant urban neighbourhoods are expanding and thriving, a shift to condo and apartment living is underway and large transit investments are coming to support this change. Cities are in demand but lack newly built energy efficient homes and state of the art amenities.

Opportunity looks a lot different now compared to the sprawl of the past decades. Instead of replicating tried and true methods of residential development we set a new path, with fresh ideas and an eye to invest in creative neighbourhoods and aid their growth and positive change with HIP projects.

What does it mean to be HIP? It means you work to improve evolving communities, rather than just adding to them.  It means you do a lot of things different than the norm.